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Welcome - at the following pages you can get an insight into my personal and professional background.

Since childhood I have been fascinated by the medium water. I am interested in innovative technologies and foreign cultures.
Thus, the international water and wastewater treatment business developed as the gist of my professional career.

Since more than 19 years I am specialized in membrane technologies with a broad technical background in water- & wastewater treatment, digital technologies, and extensive knowledge in Ultrafiltration

I started my professional career in 2002 as an Application Engineer in the "first crew" of the inge start-up.
With the growth of the company, I could continuously develop into sales and expand my international responsibilities.

In 2012, inge was acquired by BASF and continued as an independent entity.
With a fantastic product and an engaged team, inge has become one of the market leaders in Ultrafiltration under the umbrella of BASF.
As part of the inge management team, I formed and led the successful global sales organization over several years.

Since 2020, inge is part of DuPont and has been integrated into DuPont Water together with other water acquisitions.
This offered me a unique opportunity to help shape the future of a new, world-leading water treatment company.
From April 2022, I took over the responsibility as Commercial Leader for the project business in EMEA, including the entire DuPont Water product portfolio.

As a sales expert with an international network, I create connections across regions, markets and technologies.
I drive business growth with entrepreneurship, "out of the box" thinking and team spirit.